My Story

I have been on an intense spiritual journey since the spring and summer of 2013.  It was during that spring and summer that I had the biggest crisis of my life up to that point.  I opened my eyes wide and found myself in the midst of an affair.  In the whirlwind of those few months, I almost lost my husband and family as I knew it.  Of course things don’t just happened, and there were many things that led up to me having an affair.  Thus began my journey to discover the quintessential question, “How did I get here?”  I have learned so much about myself along the way.  With the help of wonderful friends and a great counselor, I have asked and found answers to some very hard questions.  I am still married to this man of mine;  we are coming up on our 14th wedding anniversary.  I am happy to say we weathered the storm.  Things still aren’t perfect, but getting to really know myself and being truly honest with myself for the first time has helped immensely.  I hope I can share some of the nuggets of truth that I have discovered along the way.


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